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Meet Deets
Meet #61   |   28/03/15   |   Hosted by Giles
Not only was it the first inaugural Southside Whisky Club Sports Day, but Giles had put on a feast of American whiskies for us to try. Could we cope with 5 bottles after some sandy exertion?
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#125 FEW Single Malt | SSWC review 61d
Apple Sourz (why does this come up so often?), nail varnish and boiled rice made it not-so-delicious sounding, but it also smelled like some kind of mad honey distillery: warm copper with metallic wafts, sawdust on the floor and honey in the air. Then cherry sweets, 'smells nice' and 'good, solid, vanilla bourbon' wrapped it all up.
We've moved from 'good, solid, vanilla bourbon' on the nose to 'standard, good bourbon' on the taste. We're really going out there with this one... "Lemony Snickets", tears, corn and chili. It was said to have a tartness to it, but frankly, too many people had succumbed to 5 bottles of whisky by this point and lots went unrecorded.

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Finish & Comments
Sadly undocumented, no doubt due to over-consumption. Let's just say it had one. A note from our host: "Not our finest whisky club moment here. I think a combination of drunkenness and people going home resulted in people not returning scores here. Sorry Whisky Club."
~£29 (70cl)
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