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Tomatin C Bcan Virgin Oak | 46.0% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Tomatin Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1897 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #62   |   25/04/15   |   Hosted by Jamie
Jamie was - shock horror! - hosting, and he ended up single-handedly failing everyone by losing all record of the evening. A limited release Tomatin was accompanied by a standard Benriach, with a Cadenhead's cask strength Longrow thrown in for good measure.
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Our host threw away all of our carefully-crafted notes, so the following is an approximation of thoughts collated 3 1/2 months after the event...

This was a virgin oak edition of the C Bcan ("ghost dog", FFS) but I'm not sure if everyone knew that. Virgin oak flavours predominated - that sort of raw woodiness. The contents smelled young too and didn't really ingratiate themselves on the audience, the lame story of the 'ghost dog' haunting the distillery still haunting our ears with aural bullshit.
It tasted much how you might expect, although these lightly peated C Bcans perhaps lose the peat totally in a fully-matured virgin oak cask. It was sweet, simple and virginny - like a stupid, caring Richard Branson. More raw flavours and a slight wateriness. It wasn't inherently bad, just typical of the current uninteresting NAS releases from a number of distilleries.

  Meet 62   |   A combo of orangey colours and terrible marketing.   (3 photos)
Finish & Comments
No one particularly liked this, and it varied from the odd low score to mid-range - there's a vague memory of a sort of lemony woodiness towards the end, but never deviating too far from its raison d'tre: simple, virgin oaky and overpriced.

Please note: the scores below are very limited by the notes being lost - the overall score best represents our collective memory, it won't be too far off being representative.
~£50 (70cl)
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