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Whisky Cocktail Night
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Meet #17   |   19/11/11   |   Hosted by Phil
Whisky Cocktail Night! Teams of 2, varying levels of preparation, research and talent... who will come up trumps?
Spliiting into teams of two, the SSWC-ers planned and executed whisky cocktails to varying degrees of success. Some went simple, some went complex. Some went for raw egg, most didn't. It was a pretty glorious, drunken evening and the general consensus was: whisky cocktails can be pretty tasty!
As this is being written up two years later (it got missed, somehow!), the best way to describe events is through the photos:
Start with (cheap) whisky....err, juggle ingredients?Huw & Sas: Auld Alliance
Fran & Phil: Boston SourHamish & Laura: Eccentric
Old Fashioned
George & Sophia: Ginger Alert

So far, so good. We had 5 team cocktails in the mixer for awards, but once we'd got in the swing of things, other concoctions starting flowing out of us (not literally). Hence the 'Spicy Bitch' and 'Sweet Goodness' shown below - no idea what was in them, that detail will be forever buried in time itself:
Martin & Jamie: Rusty NailSpicy BitchSweet Goodness
Iain & Nicki: Yellow do they taste?The Winners! - for Ginger Alert

So, George and Sophia won for their stonking Ginger Alert cocktail - liked by everyone, loved by many. Here's a recipe if you want to make your own. Kudos to the classic Rusty Nail, which, if memory serves, came in 2nd place.
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