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Meet #70   |   19/12/15   |   Hosted by Phil
Christmas Whisky Club 2016. A mixture of new make, proper whisky, a new distillery release (from a different distillery) and an SMWS Cognac..
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Weirdly perhaps, it has a fake smell to it - then raised to sweaty bums (sorry). Blackcurrant. Orange juice and juicy pear jelly beans. Disappointing pineapple. Cider. Reet fruity. Perfume counter. Mediterranean holidays. Melon/lemon. Meals under a vine. Fresh, subtle sweetness.
American 'grape' flavour (flavor) sweets. Fino sherry and sweaty blue cheese. Sour grapes. Zesty Phresh. "Fuck me, that's grapey!" Grapefruit. Seedy, Aniseedy. Finnish. Licorice twigs. Sweet, rose, minty...mmmm. Sweet and tasty. Nom nom.

  Meet 70   |   Our first Cognac in the group, most of us trying it for the first time.   (4 photos)
Lightly spiced cottage cheese - medium. Bit harsh maybe? Sultanas. Liquorice. Nose. Nom nom. Little bit of heat...sherbet.
Bums!!! That's gone now, so may have been residual. Beautifully fruity scent, transports me to warmer climes. Metaxa but loads of stars (referencing the Greek Metaxa star-based grading system). Loudspeaker. Oil seed grape. Ideal with popping candy.
~£100 (70cl)
74 / 100

Ali6 Ali GN/A ChristinaN/A Giles7 Hamish5.1 Heather5.3 IainN/A KirsteenN/A LauraN/A Liz7.8 LucyN/A LundyN/A MartinN/A Phil7.1 RussellN/A Will5.7 Will GN/A Avg.6.3