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SMWS G3.4 Caledonian 27yo | 57.5% | Grain
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Distillery Info
Caledonian Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1855 | silent
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Meet Deets
Meet #39   |   06/07/13   |   Hosted by Phil
It was time to give a few grain whiskies a chance, after only dabbling in one or two over the past years. Will they be corny disasters or a grainy utopia?
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It smelled light and thin in a good way, smooth like a fine Cuban. Lemon and dandelion and burdock bring in some interest for the nosey bobbins, and the sweetness was described as butterscotchy. By way of nasal metaphor, think of coop wholemeal loaf that's just about to go mouldy (I don't think this was said in a bad way).
A really intriguing taste with exotic origins: onion bhajis with yoghurt dip, lemon rind, Eat Me dates (the hottest kind..?), cardamom, cheesy curry. Then things got a bit sweeter to nicely balance the exotica - pineapple juice (and Hamish's terrible forgotten), pineapple drops and Jamaican ginger cake. Then, just adding a hint of the mundane to proceedings, we got a little portion of oatcakes in there too.

  A surprisingly complex and unique-tasting grain whisky - yum!
Finish & Comments
We only got 4 things on the finish but they're pretty definitive: Tamarind keeps up the exotic nature of the taste, HP sauce adds some pep with a paintball gun explosion to give you the intensity impression, finally finished off with a citrus burst right at the end.

~£73 (70cl)
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84 / 100

Average score

Detailed scores (out of 10)
Ali: 7.4
Chris: 10.
Hamish: 6.7
Jamie: 7.4
Laura: 4
Liz: 7.3
Phil: 7.8
Rob: 6.9
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