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Distillery Info
Glenrothes Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1878 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #76   |   11/06/16   |   Hosted by Russell
Russell took host of his 'unusual' night - three whiskies from casks you might not expect for the distillery, from Scotland to the good ol' US of A.
Other bottles sampled:
#167 High West Campfire | SSWC review 76a
#168 Ailsa Bay Inaugural | SSWC review 76b
Ooof. Conflicting views: is it hot and fruity like Robinsons blackcurrant and apple, cherries, peach compote? Or just weird like buttery cinnamon, aniseed, cider vinegar, curried butterscotch, raw beef or ' like when you eat honeycomb and it scratches your mouth to bits'.
RUBBERRRRYYYYYYY. Delicious summer pools, swarming with honey bees making honeycomb and roast some honey honey. Yeah it's woody, it's the painful nectar of the gods, it's glacier mints, black jacks, fig rolls, and crunchie bars, it's peppercorn sauce, lemon grass, calvados. OR maybe, Jamie, just maybe, it tastes of roadworks.

  Meet 76   |   A Gorda cask Glenrothes, you say? Unusual...   (3 photos)
The honey's back, or maybe it's a wasps nest? Salty peanuts, salty lemons (lemon tang). Stewed apple, popping candy, sherbert, olorosso and (micro?) foamed milk.
Oh wow. Lemon tang. Song request: Baby got back. That was slamming. Bootylicious. Next please. RUBBERRRRYYYYYYY.
~£65 (70cl)
87 / 100

Christina7.5 ColinN/A FranN/A GilesN/A Hamish7.6 Huw7 Jamie8.6 Laura6.8 Liz7.1 Phil7.2 RussellN/A Shelley7.2 Avg.7.4