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'Rum Club' Blind Tasting | 40.0% | Rum
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Meet #23   |   03/06/12   |   Hosted by Iain
Whisky Club paved the way for this one-off special: Rum Club! Blind tasting of 3 rums, but how well did we do?
James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum (40%, Lidl)
We're in a sweetshop here - liquorice red laces, banana pick and mix and joob joobs in a burnt paper bag all washed down with some Baileys and cream. On top there's a sterile clinical hit of hydrochloric acid and cheap plastic beach balls on a sunny day.

Price: 10
We'd pay: 18!
Chairman's Reserve Finest St. Lucia Rum (40%)
There's sweet honeysuckle, caramel, orange and over-ripe grapes, with tart marmalade, red grapefruit and lime all over the strong barrel base of wood varnish, spruce sap and oak. Dry spicy pepper and cardamom make an appearance too and you can just smell the chairman's cologne in an old dusty room.

Price: 22
We'd pay: 15!

  Due to popular (ish) demand, we put down the whisky for one night and rummed it up.
Rum Sixty Six Family Reserve 12yo, Barbados (40%)
Powerful overtones of nail polish, rotten oranges, medical mouthwash and pickled ginger. Then comes the oil seed rape, liquorice allsorts, sherry, plums, vanilla and figs. Then we're rounded off with honey and cocoa butter. Sublime.

Price: 30
We'd pay: 27!
~£62 (210cl)
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