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Octomore 6.1 | 57.0% | Islay
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Distillery Info
Bruichladdich Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1881 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #71   |   06/02/16   |   Hosted by Iain
A shop was descended on with a buzzer-only entry (not for the first time in the host's life) to purchase a couple of behind-the-counter drams. Our first Octomore and a relatively unsung Linkwood in a popular G&M series. (Then a bonus Octomore a few days later..)
Other bottles sampled:
#151 G&M Linkwood 15yo | SSWC review 71a
#153 Octomore 7.2 | SSWC review 71c
Big Barley (a wrestler). Sherry, unusually. Send 50 fire engines to candy floss town! Smells like a fire in an igloo, F1 tyres, lovely, clothes post-campfire, scout tents, leather sofas in a nice old library, Grannies medicine cabinet, farts - not in a terrible way, wet dog, (Lady) cadaver and it's not un-marmite-y. Water kills the nose.
This whole imBOGlio is epiphenomenal. Corn flakes. Listerine. Peaty toffee. *choke*, ooooh, you've been tango'ed, licorice. That's not un-gimicky. Lacks body / nice body. Heart of the bog, coltar, it's grown on me, tastes of sherry, rice paper, kirsh banan. Unevenly toasted marshmallow (there's dispute about which end we start from). Water breaks it up and it's spicier.

  Meet 71   |   Our first Octomore - crazy nonsense or sophisticated?   (3 photos)
Sugar, ash. Cheerio(s)! So much barley. John Barleycorn. Nathan Barley. Like coca cola.
Sugar and peat. Not unpleasant but not interesting! It has matured into something pretty decent. Lloyd: phenomenal. A very different 7.5 from the Linkwood, if that is possible. Outer packaging assessment: looks like an aftershave, BLACK!, packaged for dickheads in airports, very Urban Outfitter. Bottle: OMG, #fail, aggressively sexual, I like it, it looks like a buttplug, looks like champagne or overpriced vodka, I do like the text. Yay, Britain!
~£87 (70cl)
88 / 100

Ali7.5 Ali G8 Huw7.5 Iain7.8 Jamie8.3 LucyN/A Martin6.1 Phil7.4 Shelley7 Avg.7.5