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As We Get It - Islay 8yo | 59.2% | Islay
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Meet Deets
Meet #33   |   09/02/13   |   Hosted by Steph
For our mystery malts and mad names night, we headed to a Duddingston cottage to sample some intriguing whiskies by the fireplace..
Other bottles sampled:
#57 CB The Spice Tree | SSWC review 33a
#58 BenRiach Importanticus | SSWC review 33b
Straight in with some tequila right up the nose! This one’s silky but also duplicitous. Notes of honey come through, along with its alcoholic counterpart mead. Indeed, it’s meady and needy with hints of fried egg sweets. Continuing the sweet theme, cream soda and vanilla essence make an appearance. It’s not all sweetness though, with sharp, citrusy notes coming through along with streaky bacon in all its salty glory accompanied by none other than wet salt. We’re all in agreement here.
This tastes like Lenin! No, a lemon. There are definite hints of the sea here with salty, salt lochs, sea water and “seasidey” all being referenced. Aside from the sea, there is a meatiness to this malt with gammon flavours coming through. Adding water brings out a certain spiciness with some cinnamon toast. Sean Bean is also definitely here with some jelly beans. He described the taste as “imagination of the X-files under-the-skin crawly alien” at which point we asked him to leave. The flavour is rounded off with honey, turpentine, crystalised formaldehyde and yup, you guessed it, marmite on pumpernickle bread.

  A barrel of laughs or a full tun of disapointment?
Finish & Comments
The finish is medium. No, scrap that, it’s long, long, long, long. Are you sure? I thought it was medium, medium, medium, medium, medium, long, long, loooong. Sixty yards? Just inside the penalty box? Curled into the top corner? Yeah it’s Tony Yeboah! It’s one of these anyway.

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~£44 (70cl)
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Master of Malt: As We Get It - Islay 8yo   |
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Liz: 4
Martin: 8.2
Phil: 7.5
Russell: Null
Saskia: 8
Shelley: Null
Steph: Null
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