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Taketsuru Pure Malt | 43.0% | Japan
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Meet #84   |   18/03/17   |   Hosted by Shelley
A mixed evening of interesting bottles. From an SMWS Glen Scotia to an Icelandic 'whisky', a Japanese blend and a private cask bottle from Glenglassaugh.
Other bottles sampled:
#191 SMWS 93.71 | SSWC review 84b
#192 Floki Sheep Dung | SSWC review 84c
#193 Glenglassaugh PC | SSWC review 84d
Bananas, chocolate, peacan nuts, maple syrup, dark chocolate, apricots, fruit salad, glue, is there such a thing as grape oil?, the white bit of haribo, Canaan Banana .
Molasses, watery but flavour builds, lacks depth, odd, Chinese takeaway (sweet & sour?), chilli rooibos, pralines, dry, desugarised barley sweets, dried Iranian limes, orange-aid, carbonic acid, honey, smoked .

  Meet 84   |   A Japanese NAS, the market's been flooded with these of late.   (4 photos)
Licorice. Long and thin (seconded),. dry, Finn Russell, grapples, peppery. bee's abdomen.
Tastes a bit like smoked new make, hmm.
~£55 (70cl)
64 / 100

Ali5 Ali G6 Huw6 Iain6.5 Lucy3.3 Martin5 Oli5.5 Phil5 Shelley6.2 Avg.5.4