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Deanston Bordeaux 9yo | 58.7% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Deanston Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1898 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #94   |   07/04/18   |   Hosted by Stewart
A new venue and a new venture - a tasting by the sea down at Newhaven. A mixed bag of ages and regions from Scotland tonight - which came out on top?
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Old spices from the back of the cupboard. Stale marshmallows. Black tea, rich mahogany, toffee, pine air freshner for a car, apricots, raisings, banana leaves chili oil, kirsch x2, cinnamon, stale marshamallows, old spices in the back of the cupbard, spiky, rum & raisin ice cream, lilly flowers, garages.
Apple juice. Rich, sherry, toffee, very spicy initially, grandfather's cupboard where he stores liquids, apple juice, fiery varnish, spicy mango chutney, uncle john's pipe, mahogany, chemicals, ascerbic, marmalade, moss, Katy Perry, Chanel No. 5, toffee apple but not quite toffee apple - like the crust or something.

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Burnt toasty. Burnt toast, tannins, maple syrup. Concentrated brandy, 5 minutes of sunshine.
Yes. Not far off being amazing, just a bit too hot & spicy, just want the aftertaste, not the taste.
~£50 (70cl)
84 / 100

Ali G6 Anna7 Camilla7 Christina7.5 Giles7 Hamish7.6 Iain8 Jamie8 Martin8.3 Max6 Phil7.2 Sarah-jane5 Saskia7.1 Shelley8 Stewart8 Avg.7.2