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Amrut Portonova Batch No. 12 | 62.1% | India
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Meet #81   |   19/11/16   |   Hosted by Martin
Another trip down to Porty, this time to have an evening of 'porty' whiskies: A port cask, a Port Askaig, a Portonova, a Westport and a Port Finish! We were fully in sup-port of this venture..
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A pirate Lego ship (as agreed with Iain) - fake, sweet, woody. Too much sugar. Prune syrup. Blackcurrant juice. The colour -Madmen. This must have caramel added to it. Tinned nectarines. Lit paper. Over cooked toffee. Rum? Rum and raisin ice cream. Date syrup.
Wow...#fakewhisky #letsfakewhisky way too sugary, no depth . Oooo. Rotting melons (in a good way). Rich. Marzipan and vanilla. It's nae Scottish! A mosh pit of foreign aftershave. Slow-acting popping candy. Strangely spicy. Tamarind. Quite a bang at first. Quite Kavalan-esque. Wood varnish.

  Meet 81   |   A fancy Amrut for our delectation...   (5 photos)
Just sugar. Fireworks. Excellent finish, dry and spicy. Fizzy cola bottles. Was literally going to say fireworks. Aloe vera. Long and fruity. Loonnnnngggg.
Like this, got a strong flavour. A little hot, but a great overall feeling. It's the fizziest whisky I've ever had. It's clear I don't know how this works. This one gives me the hiccups. Sweeter with water. It's clear I don't know how this works. Https:// Definitely better with water. Martin. Put on milk man by deerhoof, loud. Liz, 1.6 ??! Https:// I think with time its grown to a 7 or 6.9.
~£83 (70cl)
77 / 100

Ali8.6 Ali G6.7 Christina6 ClaireN/A Euan7.5 FranN/A GilesN/A HamishN/A HuwN/A IainN/A JamesN/A Jamie7.6 Liz1.6 MartinN/A NicolaN/A Phil7.5 Ruth HN/A ShelleyN/A StevenN/A Avg.6.5