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Longrow Cadenhead's 12yo | 53.1% | Campbeltown
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Distillery Info
Springbank Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1828 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #62   |   25/04/15   |   Hosted by Jamie
Jamie was - shock horror! - hosting, and he ended up single-handedly failing everyone by losing all record of the evening. A limited release Tomatin was accompanied by a standard Benriach, with a Cadenhead's cask strength Longrow thrown in for good measure.
Other bottles sampled:
#127 Tomatin C Bcan VO | SSWC review 62a
#128 Benriach 12yo Sherry | SSWC review 62b
Our host threw away all of our carefully-crafted notes, so the following is an approximation of thoughts collated 3 1/2 months after the event...

This one was a big bruiser, wafting the other two from this meet out the water. Really strong smell of TCP, with rubber and smoke in abundance too. It's fair to say, this has a big nose.
A big meaty 'n' smoky sherry cask, does what you'd expect. I think it's fair to say all bottles from this meet could be thematically grouped as Ronseal whiskies - they do exactly what they say on the tin. We knew this would be rich, sweet, rubbery and smokey - and, well, it was.

  Meet 62   |   A lovely sherried Longrow - it packs a rich punch.   (3 photos)
Finish & Comments
Not mind-blowing and perhaps lacking some subtlety, but the winner of the three on the night. This is the kind of whisky that would take home top honours in a tasting as it's boisterous, fun and richly-flavoured - but is it lacking a touch of class?

Please note: the scores below are very limited by the notes being lost - the overall score best represents our collective memory, it won't be too far off being representative.
~£45 (70cl)
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WhiskyBase: Longrow 2002 CA   |
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84 / 100

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Phil: 7.2
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