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SMWS 84.14 (Glendullan) | 53.6% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Glendullan Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1898 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #26   |   14/07/12   |   Hosted by Hamish
It was time to try a Glenmorangie, and the Lasanta seemed a reasonable starting point - a sherried bottling, part of the standard range. We also nailed half a SMWS bottle, just for fun.
Other bottles sampled:
#46 Glenmorangie Lasanta | SSWC review 26a
This nose is full of intrigue and is slightly chaotic: anything from abisnthe-soaked sugar cubes to a subtle blue cheese. It's not sea salt or sea spray this time, but sea foam – the lightest of salty touches. Things get a bit more normal (for us) with the fruity-sweetness of glacé cherries but the aroma end with a mysterious offer...
It's possible we were a bit boozy at this point as tastes include Germaline, Benedictine and a Belgian asshole (I doubt that will come up again). Things then get somewhat snacky, with Ritz crackers and cheddar, sweetened with a little barley sugar, all washed down with a glass of lemonade. (We were pretty hot on product placement with this one, for some reason).

  It evidently gets cold at Glendullan, but did we warm to this bottle?
Finish & Comments
A picture of a cock (not drawn by Hamish).
~£63 (70cl)
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