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Finlaggan Old Reserve | 40.0% | Islay
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Meet #34   |   22/02/13   |   Hosted by Phil at Islay
A fair few of us decamped to Islay for a weekend of fun and frolics, and squeezed in a series of 5 local tastings...
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This one had a pretty pungent nose, surprisingly close to a raw spirit: Lagavulin New Make or vodka, with hospitals and chlorine adding to the somewhat clinical feeling. A few citrusy vibes were also felt: orange oil, lemon meringue and roast fennel turning up to say hi. It's a mystery malt, but it was keenly thought to be a young Lagavulin, Laphroaig at a push, with seaweed coming through strongly. Almonds, billtong and a beef super noodles packet once empty gave a few savoury notes whilst chocolate brought a reach sweetness. Once all that was processed, silage came along to put an end to things. I'M A VEGETABRUH!
The taste made most say "obviously Islay" (as if the packaging hadn't give that away) although some felt it wasn't as exciting or deep as it could be - with one saying it just made them want a official-release Lagavulin. There was a chili heat and a liquid version of a log fire, but still lacking in feistiness - not angry nor a stampy Burlesque dancer. It was deemed great value for Islay, and some interesting tastes gave it a wee edge: toothpaste, tangerine, TCP and crme caramel. More unusually, we finally picked up hints of the aftertaste of a polystyrene cup you've had soup in and when you chew a pencil and get through to the lead..

  Finlaggan from above - but was this aerial gem or a fall from grace?
Finish & Comments
Unusually for such a dram, we thought this had a medium-short finish - a stone's throw or the first plop of a skimmer - with a slightly watered-down ending. There were bananas, TCP and orange squash whilst things got slightly wackier with the introduction of cardamom tea, smoked mackerel and driftwood.

Song lyric: "Maybe not a movie star.."

Bonus VEGETABRUH video:

~£26 (70cl)
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74 / 100

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Iain: 6.5
Jamie: 6
Liz: 6.2
Lucy: 5.8
Martin: 6.8
Phil: 6.9
Shelley: 6.2
Simon R: 6
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