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Kavalan Sherry Oak | 57.0% | Taiwan
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Meet #67   |   18/09/15   |   Hosted by Phil
Our first SSWC Walking Tour around the closed and remnant distilleries of Edinburgh. And why can't a walking tour of Edinburgh also shoe-horn in a cheeky Kavalan tasting outside the Taiwanese Embassy?
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We didn't do noses as such, just got lost in the whole experience of what was a very intense, but slightly divisive, dram.
Rubbery. Really, really rubbery. "Stop saying rubbery!". Someone thought it was rubbery in the ____ ______ sense, but they were interupted by a loud "RUBBERY!". Ohhh, iiit's a-rubbery! You can feel it squeaking around the inside of your mouth, it's that rubbery... yeah, well rubbery. Not unlike a Springbank Gorda cask. OH MY GOD FUCK! "I really like it... yeah, I think it's great." - "I like it too.. awesome! nice." Incredibly extreme.. very rich, with intense flavours in place of subtlety. Like it's been infused... a reduction. Crazy good! "You'd never guess this was 4 years old.." It's like the Robinson's of whisky (not Hi-Juice, a double shot of Robinson's). Double A'bunadh. It's just a bit mad - it's basically like being punched in the face with a sherry cask. Water opens it up a little bit - but one said it tastes like a "rubbery frown". "Has that sort of toast aspect to it somehow". Burnt rubber like at a drag race (with drag artists in the cars). "I don't know what it is, but it just makes me think of a big clown face with a big red nose!":

And at the end of that piece of audio madness, the general conclusion was, "Ronald McDonald". Oh, and most said they couldn't drink this all night.

  Meet 67   |   Apparently, we thought this was rubbery.   (4 photos)
Finish & Comments
Metally on the finish, rubbery and metally. Is it just sherry? Like the after-effect of licking your computer. Honey at the end, not at first though.
~£28 (20cl)
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