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Port Askaig 100 Proof | 57.1% | Islay
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Meet #81   |   19/11/16   |   Hosted by Martin
Another trip down to Porty, this time to have an evening of 'porty' whiskies: A port cask, a Port Askaig, a Portonova, a Westport and a Port Finish! We were fully in sup-port of this venture..
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Beach bonfire. Concentrated twiglets. Salt taffee. Ancient citrus. Sweet smoke. Lemons! Kelp.
Boozy curry. Dry white wine. Charred wood. I'm into this. Smoked custard. Lemony bangs. Toffee now, not taffee. THANKS OBAMA. Brine. Minty. More citrus - limes. Beef.

  Meet 81   |   Probably a Caol Ila, but no guarantees...   (5 photos)
Sweet smokey mmm. Long finish, sour limes. Salty. Salty.
Reminiscent of an element (lg?) bottle. Absolute beast. "Taffee"? WTF? Fishy in places, which is good. Wrong window.
~£45 (70cl)
83 / 100

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