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Elijah Craig 12yo | 47.0% | USA
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Meet Deets
Meet #61   |   28/03/15   |   Hosted by Giles
Not only was it the first inaugural Southside Whisky Club Sports Day, but Giles had put on a feast of American whiskies for us to try. Could we cope with 5 bottles after some sandy exertion?
Other bottles sampled:
#122 Dry Fly Wheat CS | SSWC review 61a
#123 Balcones Brimstone | SSWC review 61b
#125 FEW Single Malt | SSWC review 61d
#126 Woodford Reserve | SSWC review 61e
To start off reasonably down-the-line, it smelled of fruity things like banana, blackcurrant and pears. And then it got standard bourbon-y with Jack Daniles and, well, bourbon (good). We seem to have got pretty brand-focused smelling this, think we sent our corporate wing over by mistake: good varnish (like Ronseal), polycement, dried coriander, rubbish Turps, metal, Toffiffees, Chewits, OWLS, Playdough.
The capital letters must mean something, but exactly what has escaped us: mangetout, OWL (here only in singular), doorknobs, cucumber, bourbon x10, tie fighters (MAOAM), stone and melons.

  Meet 61   |   A pretty standard bourbon, by all accounts.   (6 photos)
Finish & Comments
A nice dry finish, can I have some more? No. A good Jack Daniels, or nothing like Jack Daniels, "Fran is wrong", smooth decay, refined. It sounds like we’re all divided again, but apart from one outlier, we’re pretty darn close to all rating this, "hmm, meh".
~£35 (70cl)
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66 / 100

Average score

Detailed scores (out of 10)
Ali: 5
Calum: 6
Charlotte: 4
Christina: 6
Fran: 6
Giles: 6
Hamish: 5.3
Iain: 4
Jamie: 5
Laura: 4
Martin: 5
Nicola: 5
Phil: Null
Scott: 9
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