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Auchroisk 27yo Sherry Cask | 57.3% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Auchroisk Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1972 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #82   |   17-12-16   |   Hosted by Huw
It's Christmas! This year we take it easy on the full bottles, and go hardcore into miniatures, but there was one bottle to try: A sherried 27yo Auchroisk..
Cherries. An old chair. Marzipan. Turpentine. Toffee apple. Rubbery. Toasted nutz. Leather bound book (coated in sugar) (#fran). A fucking bakewell tart. Honey. Over-ripe bananas. Hazelnuts. Spiced orange. Cheesy nose face.
Nutty. A fart after feasting on oranges. Tastes ridiculous. Sherbet lemons. Pears soaked in polish. Creamy n dry, baby. Lemon syrup. Bad wood. Rotten oranges. Toffee (with water). Whisky flavoured condoms. Oranges. Honey with lemon . Slightly charred wood. Nutty.

  Meet 82   |   This was a reward scheme bottle, so was "free! (err, ish..)   (1 photo)
Bloody. Powdery. Medium length, chomp flavour. Short...dry...bitter orange.
I'm a total dick. #12daysofrave. I frequently inhale cocks. Taste | ___________ | / \______________ | / \___________ | / |/ |_________________________________________time. That looked really good in the entry box. Not sure the water has elped. Pretty complex palate.
~£70 (70cl)
76 / 100

Ali7.8 Ali G1.9 Christina6.2 Giles8 Hamish6.8 HuwN/A IainN/A JamieN/A LauraN/A Liz7.1 Lucy5.1 Martin7.7 Phil6.9 SaskiaN/A Shelley6.6 Avg.6.4