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Glenkinchie Bourbon Cask 14yo | 57.4% | Lowland
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Distillery Info
Glenkinchie Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1825 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #72   |   20/03/16   |   Hosted by Phil
We took ourselves down to the local distillery, Glenkinchie, for an extended tour and warehouse tasting. We also took an older bottle along to sample on the walk there and back.. reviews were a little sparse due to quantity and time ;)
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Sweeties left in the sun. Quite fruity. Not a lot of depth. Very newmake-y smell. Really new-makey.
Sherbert. Harsh! Reminds me of what I think was an SMWS Tullibardine. Sour. Bee sting. A bit sharp - young, still new make on the taste.

  Meet 72   |   Blurry photo but you can make out the key details!   (6 photos)
Medium with a long punch at the end. Quite citrus - orange, bit of lemon.
Liked this more as I tried it more - our distillery host was very down on it, but I wasn't. Better with water.
~£6 (0.25cl)
72 / 100

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