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Christmas Whisky Club 2012
Meet Deets
Meet #32   |   21/12/12   |   Hosted by Iain
Christmas Whisky Club 2012 was a glorious event, but one where no new whisky was tried: just the best of 2012. Let's not forget it happened though, for it was the hallowed victory dance of a certain corny number...
We didn't try any new bottles at our 2012 Christmas bash, just bought a couple of our (cheaper) favourites from the last year or so. There was plenty of debate when the Mellow Corn took the gong - we all knew it was unrefined and pretty uncultured, but some of us liked it for that - a cheap, in-your-face, rough gulpin' whiskey. Others felt let down, inappropriately touched by the cold fingers of destiny from a cowboy eating pudding.
There was less debate about the Caol Ila Moch, which was widely felt to be a very well-rounded, refined and tasty-drinking offering. In terms of a subtle Islay dram, it was everything the Ardbeg Blasda should have been, but wasn't.

  The talking point of the year: corny nightmare or a-maize-ing?
Special mention should also go to the Cadenhead's Bladnoch 20yo 1990, which was included in the 'best of 2012' vote as it was sampled after the 'best of 2011' vote, and duly finished in 3rd place.

Remember, all these votes are for cheaper, drinkable bottles we'd buy again rather than the best bottle of the year - the reviews / scores should already illuminate such ponderings.. :)

 - 'mon the Corn!
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