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Braeval OP 18yo | 48.4% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Braeval Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1974 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #85   |   22/04/17   |   Hosted by Ali G
We went up high for this meet, sampling a seriously alititudinal Bavarian whisky alongside something from Scotland's (joint) highest distillery - Braeval.
Other bottles sampled:
#194 Slyrs 51 | SSWC review 85a
Vanilla, Lady Marmalady, cloves and trousers, allspice, freshly baked bread, musty drawrs, grassy, fresh. Stay Fresh / Odour Eater socks, Cif.
Breakfast whisky. Rubbery, melon-y-ness, subtle, Gin-y (not Phil's mum), nettle-ette, figgy-plum liquor. And What I go to School For (Busted). And Crunch Creams. Of course.

  Meet 85   |   Scotland's highest distillery? Dalwhinnie might argue...   (2 photos)
Surprisingly long with cremola, barley and fudge and vanilla farts.
Subtle, very drinkable... Hard to judge but goes down well.
~£70 (70cl)
76 / 100

Ali G6 Christina7 Iain5 Jamie7.3 Martin7.4 Phil6.8 Russell6.3 Sarah-jane5 Avg.6.4