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Ben Bracken Highland Malt | 40.0% | Highland
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Meet #93   |   10/03/18   |   Hosted by Jamie
One of our number takes as northside as we go down to Leith for a blind tasting of recent offerings from Cadenhead's, as well as a cheeky supermarket-own-bottling thrown in to test us!
Other bottles sampled:
#217 Cads Balmenach 13yo | SSWC review 93b
#218 Cads Dailuaine 13yo | SSWC review 93c
#219 Cads Teaninich 11yo | SSWC review 93d
Grape juice. A creamy curry - Korma? Lost in thyme. Rubbery hell. Toilet. Treacley. Expensive tequila.
Young. Toffee. Tacky sweetness. Watery. Limes. Indistinct soup. Bad rum. Toilet. Cheap summer thrills.

  Meet 93   |   The cheaper end of our blind tasting, but will we spot it?   (4 photos)
Bittersweet. Lemon sherbert. Pretty unpleasant finish. Be bran neck. Toilet. Orange zest.
Tastes very young, clearly caramel coloured. Syrup Sweet bonfire Nice cup of tea. Syrup Sweet bonfire Nice cup of tea.
~£23 (70cl)
54 / 100

Ali4.5 Ali GN/A Giles3 HuwN/A IainN/A James3.5 JamieN/A JoelN/A LizN/A Martin5.5 Phil4 Saskia5 Stewart6 Avg.4.5