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Cadenhead's Teaninich 11yo | 55.3% | Highland
Sour Fresh Floral Flavour Profile Search
Distillery Info
Teaninich Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1817 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #93   |   10/03/18   |   Hosted by Jamie
One of our number takes as northside as we go down to Leith for a blind tasting of recent offerings from Cadenhead's, as well as a cheeky supermarket-own-bottling thrown in to test us!
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Cut grass. Tequila nights and sticky dance floors. Old cupboards.
Super sour sweets. Zimbabwean Fizzers/UK Astro Belts. Rose. Really floral. Oldness. Sweet and sour. Gardening glove left in water butt. An under borrowed library book. Sweet and herbal. This would be great if not for a somewhat sickly sweetness.

  Meet 93   |   We haven't had many Teaninichs over the years...   (4 photos)
Tingles. Tingles. Green grass. Candy canes.
Fiery Chewy Sherbet. Initially unpleasant, grows on you. This is great - intriguing flavours in high concentration.
~£50 (70cl)
78 / 100

Ali6.8 Ali GN/A Giles5 HuwN/A IainN/A James5.9 JamieN/A JoelN/A LizN/A Martin7.5 Phil7.7 Saskia7 Stewart6.2 Avg.6.6