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Samaroli 21yo Speysiders | 45.0% | Speyside
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Meet #96   |   23/06/18   |   Hosted by Phil
It's all the Ss, as we simply and seductively sip some superb samples! A mix of Scottish and European drams, with a splash of mystery new make thrown in!
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Smells amazing! Foam bananas. Rhubarb lollipop (with no stick), hay, pear, classy fruit, a summer's day, the concept of acidity, Calvadosian loss, cold custard.
Lemon sharpness. Fruity - vibrant. Sour grapes a lot. Cheesey and winey, a middle class soiree, acid honey, white grapes (fizzy / off).

  Meet 96   |   A pricey Italian blend, from Speyside distilleries   (5 photos)
Yeasty. Stays at the bottom of your throat. Sherbet, MDMA & fennel, post-dinner schnapps, Black Forest ice cream.
Surprisingly light in colour.
~£100 (70cl)
64 / 100

Ali7.6 Christina5 Giles3 Hamish5.9 Jamie7 Lucy4.5 Martin5 Nicola4 Phil5.9 Pinelopi6 Saskia6 Stewart4.3 Avg.5.4