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Cadenhead's Glen Ord 10 yo | 58.0% | Highlands
Wood Creamy Peaty Flavour Profile Search
Distillery Info
Glen Ord Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1838 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #86   |   10/06/17   |   Hosted by Hamish
Hamish & Laura hosted a Cadenhead's duo, but which would prevail? It was the battle of the Glens - Elgin vs Ord!
Other bottles sampled:
#197 Cad's Glen Elgin 21 | SSWC review 86b
Double cream. Cola cubes. Vodka, Soft vanilla, chewy vanilla, Ice cream (soft scoop) - shitter than Mr Whippy, alcoholic Victoria sponge, sherry trifle, varnish, Smells good!, butter, Croatian fig liqueur, buttered popcorn, floral old-lady soap, a plastic doll.
Honey. Hot toddy. Morello cherries, Sweet, bakewell tart(ish), mint, oesophageal warmth, oil of cloves, more firey with water, deep-fried butter "something". Cough medicine.

  Meet 86   |   Small Batch Glen Ord - a nice wee dram.   (2 photos)
Spicy & long. Long, bamboo canes, sour, Tabasco, comforting, like sitting by a log fire, honeycomb wood, beehive in a pine tree, pine bees, beetree, mouthwash.
~£45 (70cl)
79 / 100

Ali G7.8 Christina6 Giles7 Hamish7 Iain6 Jamie7.8 Laura6.5 Martin6.9 Nicola5 Shelley6.5 Avg.6.7