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Meet #61   |   28/03/15   |   Hosted by Giles
Not only was it the first inaugural Southside Whisky Club Sports Day, but Giles had put on a feast of American whiskies for us to try. Could we cope with 5 bottles after some sandy exertion?
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It begins fresh: coriander, pomegranite, cut wood, cherries and banana. Perhaps the coriander was hinting at more obscure spices, as it's now more like asafoetida, juniper and sandalwood shavings, with Mr Kipling's Country Slices, cherry bakewell and marzipan for pudding. There was once this French guy with long, straggly hair who ran a cheese van - he was known as Cheesus (to us). It smelt like him, or perhaps more what he embodied. There were also hints of cement, animal food, wheat bread and nori - quite diverse!
Not only hazelnuts, but Frangelico! Turns out that's not just an elaborate name for a man called Fran, but a hazelnut & herby liqueur. Sawdust and marzipan keep memories of the smell alive, but it's seen as 'too thin' and 'unpleasant', like shallow tea. Some disagree - 'lively, bright'. It's not just hazelnuts, but peanuts and nuts (why be so precise?). "Popcorn!", said someone getting a little overexcited. Described as Toploader (remember them?) as all the taste was in the front. Chili and slavery, ephemeral cement. Spanish upside down question mark (¿).

  Meet 61   |   If this was the American dream, someone f*&ked up.   (5 photos)
Finish & Comments
Unrecorded at the time – a verification swally reveals a medium finish with some citrus flavours, hot cross buns, and a lingering, spicy kick.
~£55 (70cl)
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Nicola: 6
Phil: Null
Scott: 9
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