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SMWS Strathisla 58.24 | 53.9% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Strathisla Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1786 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #97   |   21/07/18   |   Hosted by Saskia
A couple of young-ish SMWS bottles in the hope of finding something we all enjoy... it's been a while!
Other bottles sampled:
#232 SMWS 66.116 Ardmore 10yo | SSWC review 97b
Peanut butter. Chocolate, nail varnish, a cashmere jersery - high quality comfort. How a Hawaiian shirt would taste, flat Appletizer, toothpaste spat onto nettles and Moroccan alleyways - a wee bit spicy / a wee bit sweaty. A Sugar Daddy's cologne (on a yacht), a new raincoat, smells fluffy (like a cat). Strawberries, a newly plucked (unearthed) carrot, a freshly-mown meadow.
A punnet of strawberries, velvet, on fire, quite harsh but fresh and bright with water. Stripping your tongue of moisture, formic acid. Tangerine peel (with water), floral, an old lady dressed in cashmere. Withered violets, crystalised ginger. .

  Meet 97   |   Probably the prettiest distillery in the world - but how does it taste?   (2 photos)
(Atomic) Fireball, way-burnt / flambed ginger biscuits, egg-white (toasted - baked Alaska?). Giant slide at Waterworld, plastic sole of an old sneaker.
~£50 (70cl)
74 / 100

Christina4.5 Hamish6.1 Huw6.5 Jamie7 Phil6.2 Saskia7 Shelley6 Stewart7 Avg.6.3