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Talisker Dark Storm | 45.8% | Island
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Distillery Info
Talisker Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1830 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #80   |   22/10/16   |   Hosted by Jamie
A peaty evening this time around, comparing a standard Talisker 10yo to a new airport bottling, then blowing them both away (maybe?) with a cask strength Lagavulin 7yo.
Other bottles sampled:
#178 Talisker 10yo | SSWC review 80a
#180 Lagavulin 7yo Cad's | SSWC review 80c
Old (stormy) lemons, fusty, dusty, old cellar dust, mouthwash.
Relatively bland, smell of a Thai restaurant, storm slurry, aniseed, colour is deceptive, vhumph, Christmassy mulled wine, red wine.

  Meet 80   |   An airport exclusive bottling with a load of gumpf on the box   (3 photos)
Too short to finish, aspartame.
Empty and relatively bland, but has a Christmassy richness. Summed up as a squirrel (elusive, woody and fluffy).
~£50 (100cl)
69 / 100

Ali G4.5 Giles7 HuwN/A JamieN/A Lucy5 Phil6.2 Shelley6.1 Avg.5.8