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Meet #76   |   11/06/16   |   Hosted by Russell
Russell took host of his 'unusual' night - three whiskies from casks you might not expect for the distillery, from Scotland to the good ol' US of A.
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#168 Ailsa Bay Inaugural | SSWC review 76b
#169 SMWS 30.91 Glenrothes 18yo | SSWC review 76c
Nosey. Just 'testing' it. Cheesey bananas with wood varnish and something Fran calls Grolla which I think is Grappa. Mixed peel, oranges, grapefruit, celery and olive oil. Jamie was unconvinced about whether it was minty, but if it was minty it was minty like a humbug.
Oily. Lovely oranges, christmas cake, solero and syrup and delicious fizzy cola cubes and banana milk. But with a dental theme - toothpaste steradent car air freshener pine lime. Then a dark twist with memories of sour mash, Fran's youth and burnt pepper.

  Meet 76   |   (Almost) everyone admired the glass bottle   (3 photos)
The bottle design went down well on the finish. It's like waking up to some horrific morning after a party - a salty Ginster's pasty, charcoal, post vomit mouthwash, Andrew's salts, flat coke and something undefinable mushy and unpleasant. Ooh but whats' this - some lime pickle and a cherry lollipop to save the day.
Silky. A nice JD.
~£63 (70cl)
68 / 100

Christina5.2 ColinN/A Fran4.5 Giles6 Hamish5.8 Huw6 Jamie6.2 Laura7 Liz4.5 Phil6.2 Russell7 Shelley4.5 Avg.5.7