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Ailsa Bay | 48.9% | Lowland
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Distillery Info
Ailsa Bay Distillery, Scotland     founded: 2007 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #76   |   11/06/16   |   Hosted by Russell
Russell took host of his 'unusual' night - three whiskies from casks you might not expect for the distillery, from Scotland to the good ol' US of A.
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Light. A crazy breakfast picnic by a an esturine brakish peaty pond - marmite on toast, salty porridge, nori, smoky bacon crisps, the trim of a honey roast ham, edam cheese (or is it just Laura?) and fake smoke.
CUCUMBER. The shore-line theme continues into the taste - the best kind of sea water, sweet seaweed, oyster shells and seal's breath. Sweet like sweet cinema popcorn and creamy like buttery almonds and custard. Curtains and aubergine pickle too of course!

  Meet 76   |   The first release from a new Lowland distillery...   (3 photos)
CUCUMBER (again). Picture the scene - a Hungarian walks out of a smokey yurt having eaten a goulash (peppery and paprika), through the mossy earth and plunges into a dodgy lagoon full of snakes and crabs. What's for dessert? Christmas pudding and chocolate.
CUCUMBER (yet again). Beef curtains. I live cock. Ireland sucks. Luvin da cock bro. Football sucks.
~£54 (77cl)
77 / 100

Christina5 ColinN/A Fran6.5 Giles7 Hamish5.4 Huw8 Jamie8.3 Laura5.5 Liz4.8 Phil6.5 RussellN/A Shelley7.8 Avg.6.5