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SMWS Bowmore 13yo | 61.3% | Islay
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Distillery Info
Bowmore Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1779 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #100   |   17/11/18   |   Hosted by Phil
Our 100th Meet! We decamped to Falkland Palace for a weekend in a cottage and a crazy lineup of drams - but all for charity. A good way for SSWC to sign out :)
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Brown sugar cubes, bleach, kebab meat. Rubbery. Wood Varnish. Loving smelling bums just now. Rotten flowers. Kush anti Dandruff Shampoo, strawberry bubblebath, Martonic, Sugar Daddy cigar shop, definitetly soapy, campsite showers, Ingram's Campfer Cream, rancid shampoo, billtong whiff.
Mouldy salami. Brown sauce. Pickleback. This is the business! Syrup tincture of cigarette butts. Fusty nostalgia.Aaww hello!, that's what I was hoping for! Delicious, like a pine wood smoothie, with Iodine.

  Meet 100   |   An old SMWS bottling from a potential 'soapy' Bowmore period..   (4 photos)
Drier than a nun's chuff! Coal tar soap. Iodiney coconut. Like my mouth has been washed out with soap but not in an unpleasant way.
Holy shit guys, this bottle is a relic. SHAGGY! Everytime I try this, it get better - love it! I could smell this all day, colour of burnt Sienna. Like no other whisky I've tasted before - interesting.
~£220 (70cl)
89 / 100

Ali8.8 Ali G6.5 Christina8.5 ClaireN/A Giles5.2 Hamish4.9 Huw8.5 IainN/A Jamie8.5 LauraN/A Martin6.1 NicolaN/A Phil9 Russell8.1 Saskia8.6 Shelley8.6 Avg.7.6