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Adnams Single Malt No 1 | 43.0% | England
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Meet Deets
Meet #50   |   10/05/14   |   Hosted by Phil
Our 50th Meet! 3 bottles, a team whisky contest and lots of little things to try, celebrating out 50th Meetday in style. It went on til nearly 7am.
Other bottles sampled:
#96 Kilchoman 100% #3 | SSWC review 50b
#97 SMWS 4.191 | SSWC review 50c
Well, it's very new make-y for a start, sweet with a darkness to it, and salty like bombay mix. There were lots of floral things being brought up, but the tone wasn't that glowing: outdoors but indoors (like a greenhouse), a bad flower, parma violets - parma violence -, tomato pheromones, and those small white flowers in a flower arrangement. Oranges, or left-over orange peel that's been sitting in a lunchbox in the sun too long, pear drops and sultanas. It got a little stranger, perhaps harking back to the new make theme, with Windowlene, curried plasticine, baby's breath and the spelling of the word 'cock'. Finally, 'referendum decision making', but the context is now lost: probably the struggle involved.
"It tastes better than it smells", said less like a compliment than it may sound. Brenevin, (herbs in) Jagermeister and "kind of rye-y" sum up comparable drinks. Woody, sour, off-dairy and washing-up liquid were said towards the lower end of enjoyment, whilst fruit pastilles, ginger biscuirs, buttery baked apples, bourbouny sweet and "tastes like Balblair '83" were more towards the higher end. Halal beefcakes and "like Bushwhacker blend" are flitting around the middle of the scale. Plenty were unsure of this yet it was also described as a 1-sip wonder and "pretty drinkable".

  Sas & Huw joined us via Skype - with samples passed on to them last Christmas..
Finish & Comments
Short and not a lot of taste (agreed by almost everyone). A slight tickle in the throat that's hard to define. That's all we said.

General comments:
- "Almost as good as Nepalese 'Highlander' Whisky".
- This was tasted with the Adnams Grain #2, which was described as "not quite as good as the Adnams Single Malt #1", rather snarkily.

Bonus packaging review: The copper was well-liked, but maye a bit Jack Daniels? A bit New Age, somehow like a stretched obese t-shirt.
~£44 (70cl)
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We've always scored out of 10 in our group (see number in red box, below), with scores regularly given across that spectrum. The value out of 100 below is adjusted to the scale most commonly used for whisky reviews, to allow for better comparison.

64 / 100

Average score

Detailed scores (out of 10)
Ali: 5.7
Cath: 6
Giles: 5
Hamish: 5
Huw: 4
Iain: 5
Jamie: 6
Liz: 5
Lucy: 6
Martin: 5.3
Phil: 5.7
Saskia: 5.8
Shelley: 6.1
Tasting Game Points (out of 0)
No scores available.


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