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Cu Bocan 1988 | 51.5% | Highland
Sour Toffee Salty Flavour Profile Search
Distillery Info
Tomatin Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1897 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #78   |   13/08/16   |   Hosted by Whisky Fringe
It was Whisky Fringe 2016 and 19 of us went along together! We went outside about 90 minutes in to review a few whiskies as a group - it didn't go perfectly to plan, but we ended up with 3 reviews!
Other bottles sampled:
#173 Port Dundas 1988 | SSWC review 78a
#175 Kininvie 1991 23yo | SSWC review 78c
There was definitely a citrusy vibe with this one - lemons, lemons (lemons? lemons.) and a light orange zest. That's it. You want more than that? I hate you.
I reckon it's fair to say this didn't shout its age out at the party, although it was regarded as "a bity tasty" by another partygoer. Sweet toffee combined with salty pretzels. It also teased out honey on the tongue.

  Meet 78   |   The stupid ghost dog returns...   (3 photos)
If there's any fish that can be subtle, then surely it's the lowly anchovy? Imagine that poor fella swimming around unnoticed and you've got the finish down to a T.
It was a dry whisky in general, with one just thinking the whole thing was "meh".

~£200 (70cl)
77 / 100

Ali7 Ali GN/A CavN/A ChristinaN/A GilesN/A GraemeN/A HamishN/A Huw6.2 IainN/A Jamie5.5 JessN/A JosephN/A LauraN/A LizN/A MartinN/A MaryN/A Phil7.1 Saskia7.2 Shelley5.8 Avg.6.5