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Wine Society Islay 8yo | 40.0% | Islay
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Meet #89   |   30/09/17   |   Hosted by Phil
A couple of lower-cost bottles from the Wine Society do battle against eachother, then a SMWS bottle gets added to the mix to see how it compares in both price and complexity (and value?).
Other bottles sampled:
#202 WS Speyside 12yo | SSWC review 89a
#204 SMWS 77.45 | SSWC review 89c
Wet dog. Pear Drops. Overripe raspberries. Islay, a little bit medicinal but not as far as formaldehyde. Charred beef, smoke, kumquats. Smoky leather, . Autumn, apricots, charcoal. Grapes. Creamy peat, toffee.
Metallic adrenaline taste. Metallic adrenaline taste. Fire & brimstone. Japanesey. Sea urchins, salt. Hay-mesh. Seaweed oil. Charcoal, when you burn you dinner and get crunchy bits. salty. Fire & brimstone. Sour, clove orange.

  Meet 89   |   The 2nd mystery malt from the Wine Society. Islay = better?   (3 photos)
Not sure - a metallic water bottle, in a good word. elemental. Short and hot. Smoky, harsh. when you wake up after snoring and have a metallicy taste. A bit watery.
73 / 100

Giles7 Hamish6.7 Iain5 Jamie7 Laura5.5 Lucy5.6 NicolaN/A Phil6.2 Shelley7.2 Stewart6 Avg.6.2