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SMWS G1.9 North British 21yo | 62.8% | Grain
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Distillery Info
North British Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1885 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #39   |   06/07/13   |   Hosted by Phil
It was time to give a few grain whiskies a chance, after only dabbling in one or two over the past years. Will they be corny disasters or a grainy utopia?
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I'm not sure quite what happened but this nose got rather abstract: angry ants and wasps, all the way to a hippy putting a flower in a gun barrel then being gunned down. A flower a butterfly would like, an unused portaloo and a lawnmower both left out in the sun. An empty shoe, p(l)ain and a silent assassin. It was also felt to be watery, an orange calypso cup, irn bru bars, petrol and having little fruity depth.
Well, it was a wasp in the nose but it's a bumblebee in the mouth! The little critter pops in there and delivers some atomic fireballs, a few cola cubes steamed in tobasco sauce, aniseed and muscovado sugar. Things then got a bit out of hand as Ali tried to summarise the feelings of the group: "Imagine you've successfully crossed a bee with a dragon and this creature produces large quantities of honey and also breathes fire. Any given day you have a 50:50 probability of being burnt or grabbing some of the honey he's produced (like when something hasn't happened yet and just has a pure probability of happening and exists in both states at once). This is the day when you have both states of probability at once of the honey gathering / burning by a dragon." To cap things off, we felt it was a bit dominated by sweetness with not a lot there, but with the feeling of eating a fresh chili.

  North British is the only distillery operating in Edinburgh...
Finish & Comments
The finish reminded 'Team Finish' of disappointment, with a disappointing taste. It went from a bright flame to a slowly dieing ember, like and e to the minus x curve. Orange pith was a warmly received suggestion of flavour, and not really added to. It was like a rapidly receding tide that drags an anchor with it (down your throat). Finally, it was like "WOOF!" then "khhhhhhh".

~£55 (70cl)
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Ali: 6
Chris: 7
Hamish: 6.3
Jamie: 6.3
Laura: 6
Liz: 6.2
Phil: 6.5
Rob: 4.1
Scott: 5.2
Steph: 6.5
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