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SMWS Glen Moray 35.197 Big Mountain Adventure | 59.0% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Glen Moray Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1897 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #92   |   27/01/18   |   Hosted by Shelley
Fourteen people piled into a small lounge and drink 4 bottles of whisky between them. The result? A mixed bunch of reviews!
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We genuinely got both cyanide and happiness on the nose, which is a slightly 'comic' result ;) It's a bit unsettling that people know what cyanide smells like - or happiness, for that matter. Anyway, it was also grapey, crisp and green (what does green smell like?! this is confusing), like a freshly-cleaned bar top. It was bready (like an iced brioche from Lidl), then turned to Findus Cripsy Pancakes (beef) and a Christmas tree. A generic form of freshner made an appearance, as did mossy, moist earth and stewed apples. Rhubard, browned butter, vinegar, lilies and the leather from calipers made things a bit confusing. And sweetness came in in the form of a Flake, some fudge, a donut and a dank, old cupboard in a hospital. Actually, scatch that last one...
It's both quite sugary & syrupy and dry & intriguing… Citrus & tangy and fire & baldness! Also salty, with peas and Austrian burny sugar drinks. There's some herbal medicine too, and it's tangy with citrus and varnish flavours. There's plu and wine, irish coffee - it's also dark and candied, with some herbal toothpaste thrown in for luck.

  Meet 92   |   An ex-Chardonnay cask... oooh, fancy SMWS!   (4 photos)
A herbal finish, with mango and tobacco. It's foreboding, sour and warm. 'Mmmm'. Liquor-ish and more dungeony than mountainous.
Water doesn't change it at all! Strangely irn bru coloured for a white wine cask - weirdly orange.
88 / 100

Ali G8.3 Giles8 Hamish7.4 Iain6.5 JamieN/A LauraN/A Liz6.6 Lucy7.7 Martin8 NicolaN/A Phil7.3 Saskia7.9 Shelley7.6 Stewart7.5 Avg.7.5