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Bunnahabhain 16yo single cask | 53.3% | Islay
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Distillery Info
Bunnahabhain Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1881 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #83   |   04/02/17   |   Hosted by Phil
3 Cadenhead's bottles, from varying series - all not cheap, all supposedly good - what will the verdict be?
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Apple strudel. Superglue. Molten syrup. Ail varnish remover, games workshop's own-branded superglue, maple syrup, apples, a nice cinnamon bun, pecans, old leather (on old ladies), minging incence stick, prunes, cider vinegar.
Almost sour in places. Limes smashed on your mouth unwillingly. "sophisticated". Spicy apple pie. General creaminess. General creaminess. Banoffee pie, sweet, grapefruit, butter, kirsch, arm & hammer baking soda toothpaste, water chestnuts (as a feeling).

  Meet 83   |   Peated or unpeated Bunnahabhain? The latter...   (3 photos)
Burnt masrhmallow, sherbert, cremola foam, marmalade.
Don't think this is for me to be honest. Too sour, sorry... but nose is intriguing. Should come with custard instead of cream. Shallow and vindictive, fucking beautiful, geese are bastards, does everyone own a hammer?, some debate as whether the nose is the best thing and then it gets worse, or that the nose is a bit gluey and then it reveals itself.
~£85 (70cl)
81 / 100

Ali5.5 Ali G7.8 Christina6.5 Giles8 Hamish6.8 Huw7 Iain8.5 James8.2 Jamie8.5 Laura7 Phil3 Shelley5.8 Avg.6.9