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SMWS Mannochmore 64.82 13yo | 62.3% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Mannochmore Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1971 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #87   |   22/07/17   |   Hosted by National Whisky Fest
We hit the National Whisky Festival at the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, for the first time - it turned out to be a pretty fun day, although are whisky reviews were quite a mixed bag!
Other bottles sampled:
#198 Ledaig 18yo Boutique-y | SSWC review 87a
Apricots, herbal. Prunes. Minty fresh. Newly varnished piece of furniture. Really caramelly. Quite a sharp smell. Very sweet. Mint and grapefruit. Flumps. Vanilla. Salty, sharp.
Bananas, lots of fruit (cherry maybe?). Spice. Salted caramel popcorn. Oranges. Menthol. Treacly thickness too it. Quite fruity: nectarines and cherries, but in a caramalised way. Apricots as well, but mostly nectarines. Licorice. Marshmallow. Watered-down Grand Marnier. Starmix (Haribo, kids and grown ups love it so). Bit of herbs. Very caramelly, very sweet.

  Meet 87   |   Think this might be our first Mannochmore..   (2 photos)
Spicy end. Minty and quite long. Long finish.
Less sure on the 2nd try. Decent.
~£56 (70cl)
69 / 100

Ali6 Ali G4.8 Fran4 Giles6.5 Hamish6 Iain6.9 Jamie6 Laura10. Lucy5.6 MartinN/A Nicola5 Phil6.6 Simone2.5 Steven5 Avg.5.8