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Speyside 18yo | 56.4% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Speyside Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1900 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #70   |   19/12/15   |   Hosted by Phil
Christmas Whisky Club 2016. A mixture of new make, proper whisky, a new distillery release (from a different distillery) and an SMWS Cognac..
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Rubbery (lovely). Star anise (I'm not actually sure what that smells like, but I'm going with it because I felt clever). Also lovely. Nail varnish & farty figs. Bananana. Brandy soaked christmas pudding. Goaty. Banana sweets (the sort of foam ones). Like an old wooden chair. Creamy candy (co)ca(i)ne. Figs, caramelised bananas, vanilla, a bit hammy. Ali is wrong. WRONG. Brandy soaked Christmas pudding. Cinnamon and soil (loam). Varnish. Hammmmmm(ish). Grass. Expelled air from a bouncy castle. Like the black sheep on Russell's jumper. Salmon in the air (fishy). Allotments in Autumn, fudge and freesias (flowers).
Tart wood. Wow. Coca cola. Almost coffee-ee. Rich, woody, drrrryyy. Penicillin cheesy mould, with raisins. Hamnanas & rumtanas. Really strong black tea (over-stewed). Rum and coke, coke and rum. Charcoal, caramelised astroblets, stewed raisins and wood. Aniseed with water. Rich, dried figs, fizzy black treacle. Figgy piggy. Dissapointing. Crossed a chili with a rose. Doesn't really taste of much :( Hits you round the face several times with all that dryness. Taste is very different than smell. Molasses and cocoa. Good. Burnt metal.

  Meet 70   |   This whisky was more about oak than craft - unlike us.   (4 photos)
FIZZAY. Refreshers. Fizzy cola bottles. Mouldy wood. Walnut sideboards - long. Fizznish. Marzipan. Medium. Needs a lot of tongue action to disperse the flavour, and even then it's super long. Citrus tang. Long, dry & sweet. Vacuum of Raisiny dryness.
Nil point for packaging. Over casked? Can't quite decide. Bums. "Know what you mean, debating whether a bottle would be too much." Know what you mean about bums. Haterz gotta hate. Do I want two or three of these? Not sure - but fun. Metal guys are all total douche? Discuss. Pudding? Boozy nuts!! Night time is the right time. "Tru" - 2 Chainz.
~£50 (70cl)
74 / 100

Ali7.9 Ali G4 Christina5.5 Giles8 Hamish7 Heather7 IainN/A KirsteenN/A Laura4.3 Liz5.2 Lucy6.3 LundyN/A Martin7.2 Phil6.8 Russell6.3 Will5.9 Will GN/A Avg.6.3