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SMWS 120.5 Hakushu 17yo | 59.7% | Japan
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Meet #53   |   30/07/14   |   Hosted by SMWS
A bit of an unofficial meet but 4 of the club (including a returning Sas) went to SMWS Queen Street for the 'Society Share' tasting - choosing 3 rare cask end bottles to finish off and take home.
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Greeted by a gentleman's study with leather and pine. In fact, it's not just a gentleman but the Japanase Consulate (man) drinking tea (Lapsang Souchong), sat at a varnished desk with paper weights on it. It was described as 'masculine' (by a woman) and had wafts of aftershave to boot. Getting the painting of that picture out the way, it's important to note how smokey this nose was, it was an immediate (and surprising) smokefest - not a phenolic, medicinal peat or anything, just like old pipe smoke or an actual peat fire. There was a sherry dryness, saltiness and a smoke signal saying "drink me". A Scottish terrier popped along, with salty driftwood, a chalk cave and spirits. Maraschino cherries made up the fruity contingent (of one) and then... I feel angry typing this.. (who said this?!), "jodhpurs after you've been for a ride". Some people, eh?
Those cherries feature prominently at the start, with a teaspoon of salt and a tarry thing. Weirdly, the smoke on the nose is almost non-existent in the taste, but it's so well balanced between dry and sweet. The first time in the back of a car (I think this was meant in a 'coming of age' sense, not youthful automotive abandon). It was syrupy with a taste of cola bottles (sweets) and had a question mark of tasting a little young (despite its age). *hiccup*

  It looked good, but it smelled amazing..
Finish & Comments
Spirity, sherry and fizzy with a long finish that simultaneously dissipated quickly, then held on. Cherryade now and fruitier in general: cherries and oranges.
~£176 (70cl)
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87 / 100

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Liz: 6.9
Phil: 7.8
Saskia: 7
Shelley: 7.8
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