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Meet #89   |   30/09/17   |   Hosted by Phil
A couple of lower-cost bottles from the Wine Society do battle against eachother, then a SMWS bottle gets added to the mix to see how it compares in both price and complexity (and value?).
Other bottles sampled:
#203 WS Islay 8yo | SSWC review 89b
#204 SMWS 77.45 | SSWC review 89c
Nice, gluey - an undertone of U-hu. Wood varnish. Leafy greens. Juicy. Raisins. Hazelnuts, perry. Sweet, spicy Christmas! Rum and raisin ice cream, brandy butter, foreign nuts. Marzipan. Rich, Baileys.
Burnt sesame seeds, melted raspberry ripple. Madness, cheap plonk. Black pepper. Quite watery. Finding it hard to think of a taste... quite salty. Mango, touch of sour like a Belgian beer. Treacle. Disappointingly hollow, watery spiced rum. Watermelon sweets, maybe jolly ranchers?. A little vacant, with a slightly fake sweetness.

  Meet 89   |   A mystery malt from the Wine Society...   (3 photos)
Slight rubber. Treacle again - something toasted! Toasted treacle. Long, mellow finish. Sour. Vacant still.
I quite like this. It's pretty fruity, but just a little insubstantial in body and flavour.
67 / 100

Giles6.5 Hamish5.3 Iain6.3 Jamie5.5 Laura5 Lucy4.7 Nicola5 Phil5.8 Shelley5.6 Stewart6 Avg.5.6