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D Mhle Loch Lomond 12yo | 46.0% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Loch Lomond Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1993 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #48   |   29/03/14   |   Hosted by Russell
Russell went full hippy for Earth day. Organic whisky, no lights and freaky candles.. it was widely reported there was some summoning later on too.
Sweet. Sweet like silage. And other tastier treats – marzipan, treacle and raisins, boozy fermented fruits and stewed apricots. But it’s also a bit acrid. Watch out there’s petrol and white spirit and matches going around too….. FIRE!!
To some the fruitiness continues into the taste – cherries and oranges and stewed fruits again. But it’s a bit strange and there’s more depth to it too – salt liquorice, aniseed and bitter marmalade. There’s something else going on too, it’s kind of dry and tangy, like ironmongery perhaps? Or flat Tennents and skunk? Sounds like a dangerous combo… wait there’s a BBQ as well…… FIRE!!!

  The freaky candle really set the mood for an unusual dram..
Finish & Comments
All that fire calls for a sprightly, lemony finish that lingers, like an Elastoplast being ripped off. It’s S-U-B-Z-E-R-O.
~£51 (70cl)
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