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Highland Park 20yo single cask | 50.6% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Highland Park Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1798 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #83   |   04/02/17   |   Hosted by Phil
3 Cadenhead's bottles, from varying series - all not cheap, all supposedly good - what will the verdict be?
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Creamy like a grain. Farmyard. Oranges. Lime fumes. Ooo creamy. Sauternes. Strawberries and cream flavoured boiled sweets. Licorice, poppers, lemons, old spice, vanilla rooibos, beetroot, peardrops, tangerine from a christmas stocking.
More creaminess. Shortbread. Oh yes, a classic HP. Subtle background of fruit. Exotic fruits! MANGO! PASSIONFRUIT! A bit sickly. Agree with passion fruit but killed by cream. Tiny bit of fizz. Chlorine in the eyes. Chlorine in the eyes. Grapeskin (yeasty and dry), strawberry milkshake, tangfastics, hall's blackcurrant soothers, the taste of chlorine in your eyes, the taste of bile after you've thrown up, bacon.

  Meet 83   |   A photo of a photo taking place of our 20yo HP   (3 photos)
Herby. Really good.
Sorry about the incorrect picture. Classic HP sauce. Disappointing. an odd mix of creamy and astringent, absolutely horrible til the aftertaste (and drinkable) .
~£60 (70cl)
74 / 100

Ali5.1 Ali G4.5 Christina6.5 Giles7 Hamish6.9 Huw7.5 IainN/A JamesN/A Jamie4.5 Laura6.5 Phil7.8 Shelley6.4 Avg.6.3