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Arran RMW Single Cask | 55.3% | Islands
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Distillery Info
Arran Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1995 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #91   |   15/12/17   |   Hosted by Iain
A 2-day castle adventure ends up with a 5-whisky tasting session, ranging from a couple of standard bottles to a 'Marmite' of a rye number, finishing with a 35yo An Cnoc!
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This whisky was sampled on two consecutive nights by two separate groups. This review is merged from both, see the comments section for below for thoughts on the group differences.

Grapefruit, orange jellies, cheap tropical sweets, wax lemon, flat coke, makes your tongue hurt, butter, too many limes, quite harp, chili, cherry coke, orange oil, basil, huevos rancheros. Nectarines, spice hit, cinnamon and nutmeg, lemony, very oily, sour heather honey, zing-y, sour mead, less full than the nose, feels not quite filled in.

  Meet 91   |   An unusual (peated) Arran to smack our lips around   (5 photos)
A finish of indeterminate length, but a medium spicy one. There's lots going on, yet it's also bedtime - after some cheeky apple crumble and peach yoghurts with chunks. A savoury feeling too: Distant herbs, gravy and a bitter citrus vibe.
This was the second of the peated whiskies in this tasting, and was the more consistently-scored. Group 1 had higher scores on average, but there were similar patterns in the scoring ranges and plenty of crossover between scores:

If you really look at the patterns, you could say Group 2 had a consistent scoring zone with three outliers - but with this sample size, think the variation in mean scores for the groups is where the key message lies.
~£70 (70cl)
77 / 100

Ali6.3 Ali G7.3 Christina5 Giles7.5 Hamish6.5 Iain7.5 James6.5 Jamie8 Laura5 Lucy6.1 Martin7 Nicola6 Phil6.4 Shelley6.5 Will GN/A Avg.6.5