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Slyrs 3yo Master of Malt | 54.9% | Germany
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Meet #96   |   23/06/18   |   Hosted by Phil
It's all the Ss, as we simply and seductively sip some superb samples! A mix of Scottish and European drams, with a splash of mystery new make thrown in!
Other bottles sampled:
#226 Mystery New Make (Scottish) | SSWC review 96a
#227 Samaroli 1995/2016 Speyside | SSWC review 96b
#229 Smgen 7yo Barrique | SSWC review 96d
#230 Smokehead High Voltage | SSWC review 96e
Honey, nuts. Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. Varnished bananas. Sulphur, Raisin with grape skin, honey, a public swimming pool changing room, an old woodturner's workshop, apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, clafooti, bee's farts.
Spicy. Lime. Fanta. Honey, rotten bananas, an alcoholic's Christmas, unrefined dark molasses, Canderel, a rotten banana firework.

  Meet 96   |   The second time we've sampled this Bavarian distillery..   (5 photos)
Sour. Tingles. Licking a very hairy peach, Apple Sourz.
Can tell its young & active. I am a total dick.
~£94 (70cl)
74 / 100

Ali4.5 Christina6 Giles7 Hamish6.3 Jamie6.2 Lucy6.9 MartinN/A Nicola6 Phil4 Pinelopi8 Saskia7.5 Stewart7 Avg.6.3