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Smögen 7yo Barrique | 60.3% | Sweden
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Meet #96   |   23/06/18   |   Hosted by Phil
It's all the Ss, as we simply and seductively sip some superb samples! A mix of Scottish and European drams, with a splash of mystery new make thrown in!
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Rich, full flavour. Wood-burning stove, charcoal bask, sausages, baked apples, rotten seaweed (iodine), peppercorn.
Ooo, I like this. Old barrels. Urine - dehydrated (sauna) in a 2cl plastic bottle, Ammonia, peat, black sauna, burnt treacle, really cindery toffee (with blood), Iron.

  Meet 96   |   Our first taste of a Swedish single malt...   (5 photos)
Mmm. Ammonia, moderately pissy.
~£100 (50cl)
68 / 100

AliN/A Christina5 GilesN/A HamishN/A Jamie5.6 Lucy6.5 MartinN/A Nicola3 Phil7.5 Pinelopi6 SaskiaN/A Stewart6.2 Avg.5.7