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Arran Bothy 1/4 Cask | 53.2% | Island
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Distillery Info
Arran Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1995 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #94   |   07/04/18   |   Hosted by Stewart
A new venue and a new venture - a tasting by the sea down at Newhaven. A mixed bag of ages and regions from Scotland tonight - which came out on top?
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#221 G&M Glenrothes 8yo | SSWC review 94b
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Lemon, hint of tarragon, banana, glue, slat&vinegar crisps, pears, dates somerset goat cheese, pear drops, maple leaf, not brittle, expired tea tree oil, scottish tropics, Goat Fell.
Vanilla ice cream, very slight anchovies, Werther;'s toffees, menthol, supermarket fruit salad a couple of days expired, wine gums, baby face, pineapple, stale smoke, beeswax in a cupboard #cupboardcrew, hot tyre, suprise surprise, tobacco.

  Meet 94   |   We decamped to a bothy at the end of the night - rustic!   (4 photos)
Cherry Tunes, ancient toffee, rhubarb, rising heat (i.e farts), spicy, medium, peppery, treacley, snowflake, meaty cocks.
Noice x5, goes well with cheese, more like a snort, antispetic overkill.
~£49 (70cl)
81 / 100

Ali G4 Anna6.5 Camilla8.4 Christina6.5 Giles8 Hamish7 Iain6 Jamie8.5 Martin7.5 Max8.3 Phil6.5 Sarah-jane6 Saskia7.5 Shelley7.2 Stewart6 Avg.6.9