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Lagavulin 8yo | 48.0% | Islay
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Distillery Info
Lagavulin Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1816 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #73   |   09/04/16   |   Hosted by Saskia
Two of our old crew were back visiting and decided to host a peatfest - pitting the new Lagavulin 8yo against a Gorda-cask Ardmore.
Other bottles sampled:
#161 SMWS 66.82 | SSWC review 73b
Seahorse glue. A shifty lemon. Insecurely... 'white wine vinegar'. Strawberry Chewits. Bit-u-men. Burnt apricot cake. Meadow-fresh. Burnt Moss (Stirling's son, conceived after a very sexy race at the Nürburgring, very different to Colin McRae's win at the Nuremberg Rally). Cider barrels. Tractor tyres. The burning paper of a bag of charcoal. Bramley apple juice. Coal tar. Cup of Horlicks. Wet straw in a horse stable. A peppery nose. A peppery nose.
Sour and spicy. Hmmm (inconclusive). Farmy. Super mature Roquefort. Apple Sourz. Salty Licorice. A long story involving limes and chimneys. Plummy. Ashy. Orangey. Licking a sweaty leather belt. With water it becomes much spicier.

  Meet 73   |   200 years in the making, 8 years in the cask.   (2 photos)
Absminthe (minty Absinthe). Cheesey? Pineappley. Pineappley. Creamy. Fruit salad sweets. Long. Cloves with orange zest / orange clove ball. Medium. Soot. Licorice. All night looonnng. Quite sharp, doesn't last very long, like cheese-wire (the murder-y kind). Cheesey (light blue). Lemon sherbet. Long.
Way more challenging than I expected - glad they decided to bottle this, not a crowd-pleaser. +1 Diageo. 3/4s of a pie chart. I aim to please. Not as long as it should be, but not surprising given the age.
~£55 (70cl)
77 / 100

Ali6 Ali G7 Anna6.5 Christina4.5 Huw7 Iain8 Jamie5.5 Lucy6.3 Martin7 Phil6.4 Saskia6.6 Shelley6.8 Will GN/A Avg.6.5