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Adnams Triple Malt | 47.0% | England
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Meet #99   |   15/09/18   |   Hosted by Ali G
Our 99th whisky club had a coastal theme and semi-mandatory beachwear. With 99 in our mind, we also got whisky ice cream!
Other bottles sampled:
#239 SMWS 10.158 | SSWC review 99b
Vodka, apple washing up liquid. Grainy, woody honey, cherry Tunes (cough sweets). Ginger beer, creme brulee, glace cherries but glaced in PVA, Ovaltine. Sour cherry jam, thinner (solvent used to thin correction fluid), empty carton of Orange juice that's been left out in the sun.
'Not that bad', doesn't taste like whisky, like other types of alcohol all mixed together on a club floor. Croatian liqueur that is like plum brandy, honey plum raki. Very sweet - in a sickly way, aspartame. The butter popcorn taste of grain whiskies.

  Meet 99   |   A revisit to an English distillery, but will it impress more this time?   (2 photos)
Sickly vanilla, Mint imperial - the chalky hard boiled sweet part, not the mint flavour. Slightly fiery. Long. Little bit like an atomic fireball ( aniseed sweet), honey mustard salad dressing.
Packaging: 'it looks like malt vinegar', 'hipsterish' . It was so bad for Christina, she mixed it with ginger beer. Wasabi seaweed thins seemed to be everyone's favourite part of the coastal theme.
~£45 (70cl)
Ali4.5 Ali G4.7 Christina3 Iain5.5 Lucy2.7 PhilN/A Saskia5.5 Shelley4.7 Avg.N/A